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"The intent of FIT BY SACRIFICE is to build Champions! To build Champions not only physical and mental feats but Champions of Character. "

FXS Athletics encompasses aspects of competition and fitness for men and women who are looking to improve athletic performance and lifestyle health goals.


We coach those who have the ambition to compete as an IFBB/NPC athlete as well as those who want to maximize their athletic potential. FXS provides first-class personal and group/team strength and conditioning as well as speed and agility training.

We firmly believe that a competitive body should consist of balance, symmetry, conditioning, muscularity, and functionality coupled with the positive and proactive mindset to accomplish and surpass any goals you set out to achieve.


We understand the body goes where mind takes it so we ensure that our clients are both mentally and physically prepared to take on any challenge they face.  

The mission of FXS is to embrace all aspects of healthy living and to apply it into a competitive setting. This mission is fueled by the commitment, pride, and passion of our athletes.  FXS was created by competitors, for competitors and our skilled and knowledgeable team of coaches, national competitors and fitness professionals are sure to get you to the next level with unparalleled meal programing, training, and every other fine detail that you need in order to win on the field, onstage, and or in Life!