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This​ Package Includes:

  • One on One Evaluations 

  • Growing Phase Training

  • Cardio plan updated as needed

  • Nutritional plan and weekly diet program

  • Healthy Eats Recipe Book

  • Supplementation consulting

  • Posing lessons weekly

  • Weekly Communication via Email

  • Bi-Weekly Check-ins

  • Team T-shirt


 This Package Includes:

  • One-on-one evaluations 

  • Pre-contest training​

  • Cardio plan updated as needed until day of the show

  • Pre-contest nutritional plan

  • Weekly diet program

  • Information on Carb Cycling

  • Hair/Make up

  • Proper Suit Consulting

  • Supplementation Consulting

  • Tanning Consulting

  • Posing Lessons Weekly

  • Peak Week Info- Attention to Detail Prep with Night of and Backstage Help