Elisa Foster, DO

"I pursued a medical career because I wanted to help others heal. I entered the field of radiology because I love contributing to head to toe healthcare for the very young and the very mature by peeking into the human body and sharing what I find. Through plant based nutrition and education, I am now able to continue that contribution with prevention and wellness. With greater widespread true healthcare using whole foods as a foundation, my hope is that with time, what I see inside the human body will provide a more promising future for patients than what I often see today." 


"We are here to share our knowledge of health and healing, making a difference in every life we touch through education and great food. 

We are a community of individuals that know what we eat makes a difference in our lives and on the planet!  We are not advocating 100% raw we are advocating 100% real food!!! "

Athletic Performance

"Whether you're just starting to train or you're a Pro. We can help you perform at your best." 


Manni's Muscle Therapy

Holistic Fitness Trainer/Muscle Therapist Manni Antonio uses his innovative advanced manual therapy techniques to treat soft tissue.


Phone: (661) 247-9393


Illusions by Aggie

” For almost 20 years I’ve worked with some of the best trainers and nutritional consultants in the fitness industry.

My goal is to design a perfect fitting and most flattering suit and deliver it to you promptly..This allows my clients time to practice posing and to feel amazing in their custom suit.“

~Aggie Garcia, Owner

Cell: (858) 735-6962

Landline: (442) 286-7656


Johnny Avila (Coach/Sponsor Rep.)



Tel: 559-999-8775


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