Fast track to Proper Protein Intake!

If you have been thinking about jumping into a healthy or fitness based lifestyle, chances are you've heard a thing/opinion or two about the popular Macronutrient... PROTEIN. From building muscle to horrific bouts of gas, you'll hear all sorts of experiences that people have had with their protein intakes. If you're new to fitness this read is for you. I'm sure you've discovered the stories, opinions and contradictions heard don't do much more but add to your confusion and ultimately leave you with some unanswered questions. Such as, What amount of protein is right for me? Will I be farting all day?, What sources of protein are healthy?, Will protein make me bulky?, etc,...


Ponder no more! I am going to keep this simple and give you exactly what you need to know about protein and how to ensure your protein intake is prime for optimum Performance! It's well known that for lean muscle gain, its important to consume protein. But you should know the protein you consume does a lot more than just build big beautiful muscles. Protein is a part of every living cell in the body. Metabolism and Immune responses are two core functions among others that protein plays a crucial role in. You many not care how proteins do this, but I am going to give a brief explanation anyway (Coach guilt). When we eat proteins (any protein) your body goes to work breaking down proteins into their amino acids, which then get absorbed and transported by the blood to cells for use! OK, enough Biology...

Summary, NO PROTEIN = NO GAINS. PROTEIN=Muscle and Wellness Gains... Wallah!

Now on to the math. HOLD UP! Before you close the browser, this isn't your Highschool math class, this math could potentially be the axis at which your whole life/nutrition shifts. Dramatic? I think not.

For most its about losing the body fat and gaining those long coveted Lean Muscle Gains, but how do you know you're getting all the protein you need for the results you desire? I'll admit this number is very individual and their could be other limiting factors, but I have a simple way to establish a base line for your intake. Meaning a number of grams at which you can start. There have been many HUMAN (we like studies done on humans, not animals) studies that show on average that .7g of protein per pound of bodyweight is sufficient for lean muscle development. Like I promised I'm going to keep this simple and give you a short equation for men and women to ensure adequate protein intake, assuming you're a healthy human being.


4x 30g(protein)


4x 40g(protein)

Simple Right!?! It is, and it doesn't have to be perfect, you can adjust the gram (g) amount up or down according to how you feel according to level of satiety and gut comfort. Before I let you go, I have a few closing tips. It is important to be intuitive with your body, not just when starting but always. Listen to how your body responds to all food types and even activity level. This will help you understand how your body works and what it really requires. If you don't normally eat much protein I recommend starting off slow, and building up to your Protein Baseline at a pace that is right for you. Its also important to note that the better quality the source of protein the more effective/beneficial it will be.

NOTE: These recommendations are directed toward the novice Fit lifer. Athlete/bodybuilder recommendations require a different protocol but If you would like to know more or would like to set up a Nutrition or fitness consultation visit our booking link, call or email. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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