Hardbody Fit Client

Joey A

"There’s nothing like Fit By Sacrifice. Its the one-stop shop with a coach who can assess you in seconds, correct your posture, cater to your specific goals/needs, and provide you with a nutrition plan that isn’t a generic cookie cutter plan. 
Coach Avila teaches you healthy habits through the nutrition programs and really works on your form and the exercises you learn in class. On top of it all, in the FXS Hardbody classes, you meet some dope gals. From MILFS to fit chicks still grinding away on their fitness journey, who become  your workout buddies and people you can grab a “Pain Train” smoothie with. All in all, its a good time and I 10/10 recommend it!”

Personal Training Client

Adam Paul

"Coach is great to work with and incredibly knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly. He is the best trainer you could ever ask to work with. Since [working with him] I've gotten into shape, gained energy, become smarter about what I eat, and am healthier overall."

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Hardbody Fit Client

Tracy Sengrath

“I love HardBody because it turned my soft body HARD!”

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Hardbody Fit Client

Jessica Becerra

"I’ve been working with Johnny for about 7 months now and I’ve never felt better. [Johnny’s] knowledge in fitness and nutrition has definitely given me the necessary tools I need to be successful in my fitness journey. When I first began I was extremely out of shape and intimidated but Johnny’s motivation and support has helped me get rid of all the fear and lack of confidence in myself. He genuinely wants us all to succeed and reach all of our goals and his encouragement and positivity has been a great influence. I have a very long ways to go but the progress I have seen so far has kept me determined knowing  that every day I am one step closer to my goals. I’m glad I decided to make a change and I’m  glad I decided to work with Johnny."


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